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siam noodle bar noodle bowl

Pop quiz time. Where’s the very last place you’d expect to find custom, built to order noodle bowls with options covering everything from Thai to Vietnamese? I’ll give you a few moments to think. O.k. done? Did hospital make your list?

Siam Noodle Bar in Murray operates out of the ground floor of the Intermountain Medical Center, in what surely causes endless double takes. There’s the hospital cafeteria sure; and there’s the obligatory subway branch, sure; oh look there’s a noodle shop, sure – wait, what noodle bar? The noodle bar in question is the work of Annie Sooksri, owner of Murray’s Tea Rose Diner and Chaabar – who if you didn’t know, rock out some very fine Thai cuisine.

At Siam Noodle Bar the focus is on quick service noodle bowls, built to your specs. Choose your protein, choose your veggies, and minutes later you’re good to go. Dishes come in ‘to go’ styrofoam containers as standard, but just ask if you’re lingering and the staff can provide a proper bowl and cutlery.

Siam Noodle Bar
5171 Cottonwood St Murray, UT 84107
(801) 262-1888

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