Crown Burgers Crown Burger And Fries

crown burger with fries and fry sauce

First opened in 1978 by Rula and John Katzourakis and Nick Katsanevas (Rula’s brother) – Crown Burgers remains a family owned affair to this day. The SLC original chain now serves locations all across the valley including downtown.

Pictured above is the eponymous Crown Burger ($5.25), a bustling composition of smoky meat patty, piles of rich, thin slice pastrami, lettuce, American cheese and fry sauce. Yes, fry sauce, that most unique of Utah creations.

While some out of staters might argue that fry sauce is merely thousand island dressing or just a bland melange of ketchup and mayo – locals know better. In fact, stay here long enough and just like us you’ll be debating the merits of one brand’s fry sauce versus another. Trust this Utahn non-native’s first hand transition from fry sauce hater to lover.

Whatever you’re call is on fry sauce, it makes a perfect dressing for Crown Burgers namesake burger not to mention their crisp golden fries.

Crown Burgers
377 E 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 532-1155

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