Boba World Shepherd’s Purse Shanghai Rice Cake

boba world shepherds purse shanghai rice cake

Boba World in Woods Cross is maybe the worst kept best secret in Utah. One of the finest Chinese restaurants in the state, tucked away in a nondescript strip mall, 15 minutes or so North of SLC.

Pictured above is the Shepherd’s Purse Shanghai Rice Cake ($8.95) dish – just one of the restaurant’s many Shanghai cuisine specialties. Slices of glutinous rice cake form the basis of the dish, a textural love it or hate it affair. The rounds are fried with tender pork in a subtle light garlicky sauce that’s rounded out with Shepherd’s Purse – a vegetable often treated as a weed, but handled here with as much dignity and deft preparation as any other fine ingredient.

Boba World
512 W 750 S, Woods Cross, UT 84010
(801) 298-3626

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