Bonneville Brewery: Canadian Pub Fries

bonneville brewery canadian pub fries

A brewpub in Tooele? Yep. And it’s good? Double yep. Really? Yes, really! Bonneville Brewery ain’t your typical brewpub either. In addition to a range of tasty house brewed beers, they offer a range of creative pub food, that reaches beyond boring old burgers and fries.

Take their Canadian Pub Fries ($8.99) appetizer for example. Also known as Poutine in its native Canada, this dish is right at home among other gourmet re-interpretations of pub grub. House-made fries come covered with lashings of sumptuously rich chicken gravy and are topped with creamy cheese curds. Oh, and those cheese curds – they’re made from local Beehive cheese too for good measure.

Bonneville Brewery
1641 North Main Street, Tooele, Utah 84074
(435) 248-0652

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