Ruth’s Diner: Mile High Biscuit

ruths diner mile high biscuit

One of the most enduring eateries in SLC – Ruth’s Diner has been feeding hungry locals since the 1930s. If the best things in life are free, Ruth’s has most of them: the great out of the way location, the mountain scenery, the quirky cool atmosphere, and most importantly, Mile High Biscuits.

Every meal starts with a serving of Ruth’s complimentary Mile High Biscuits – fist sized chunks of flaky, buttery goodness. Made with buttermilk and served with butter and jam – some may argue whether these are biscuits, scones or bread – but all will agree they’re downright delicious.

Ruth’s Diner
4160 Emigration Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
(801) 582-5807

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