Ho Mei BBQ: Roasted Pork

ho mei bbq roast pork

The very first sight that greets diners as they enter Ho Mei BBQ is the stunning display of daily BBQ’ed delicacies. From duck to chicken to pork, it hangs in a display case, ready to whet the appetites of hungry patrons.

The run away champion of Ho Mei’s BBQ selection though is their roasted pork ($6.25). Served simply with a smidgen of hoisin sauce for dipping this terribly terrific treat is a mix of crunchy, chewy and fatty.

If you thought BBQ started and ended at ribs in sweet BBQ sauce, think again and head to Ho Mei BBQ

Ho Mei BBQ
3370 S State St. Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 486-8800

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