Frida Bistro: Chilaquiles Verdes O Rojo

frida bistro chilaquiles brunch

At Frida Bistro the kitchen wants you to understand that the world of Mexican cuisine extends far beyond smothered burritos. Indeed, you’ll be lucky if you even find a burrito on the menu at Frida Bistro – an homage to the diverse and delicate cuisine of owner Jorge Fierro’s home.

Even their recently unveiled brunch menu pulls no punches. Pictured above are Chilaquiles Verdes O Rojo ($8) – fried corn tortillas with tomato or tomatillo-jalapeƱo salsa, queso fresco and two gggs over easy. You can splurge an extra four bucks to add grilled steak to the dish too – because really, who doesn’t love steak and eggs for breakfast, especially when cooked with such care and precision.

Beautifully tender and char grilled smoky steak, lusciously-creamy eggs that drizzle at the prod of a fork tine and perfectly piquant pickled onions. The whole plate is simply a knockout.

Frida Bistro
545 W 700 S Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 983-6692

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