Red Rock: Fish And Chips

red rock fish and chips

A staple of the downtown Salt Lake City dining scene since 1994 – in local terms, Red Rock is an elder statesman of sorts. Now comprising three locations, the original, dowotnw location is still my favorite. And one of my favorite dishes? The pictured fish and chips.

A good fish and chips starts with a great batter and just look at the golden brown fish above. Red Rock has never disappointed me with their explosively crunchy, beer battered battered fish – not greasy in the slightest. Their fries are of the thicker cut steakhouse variety and opinion will vary. Coleslaw rounds out the dish and yes, you can get malt vinegar too!

The dish is also offered with cod ($14.99) or halibut ($19.99).

Red Rock Brewing Company
254 S 200 W Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 521-7446

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