The Copper Onion: Sauteed Mushrooms

copper onion sauteed mushrooms

All you need to know about this dish: it was on the menu when The Copper Onion opened, and its still there today – two years later. Stop reading now, head downtown and go order this dish. Ok, ok, you want more info. $9 secures you sautéed mushrooms topped with a clifford farm egg, potato sticks, parsley and garlic.

Its a tour de force in the use of simplicity and excellent ingredients making magic. The farm fresh egg is cooked to perfection, and a brief press of your fork is all it takes to unleash creamy, luscious egg yolk over the crunch potato sticks an moreish mushrooms.

The Copper Onion
111 E Broadway # 170 Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 355-3282



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