naked fish santa barbara uni

Naked Fish Japanese Bistro Uni

If there’s a single picture that exemplifies the ethos at Naked Fish Japanese Bistro it’s this. Ethically sourced, pristine quality products handled with meticulous care. With SLC international having direct flights to many shorelines around the world, it’s much easier to source quality product than you might imagine. The uni pictured above is sourced from […]

current oyster and fish house trout special

Current Fish And Oyster House Trout Special

For a land locked city surrounded by desert, Salt Lake City is awash with more seafood and shellfish options than you can shake a fishing rod at. The latest game in town is Current Fish And Oyster House – a joint venture between the folks behind Cafe Trio and Faustina and Oasis Cafe. The completely […]

even stevens reuben sandwich

Even Stevens Sandwiches Reuben

Even Stevens’ concept is simple. For every sandwich you purchase, they’ll donate to a listed charity to create a sandwich for someone in need. One for you, one for someone who might otherwise be going hungry today. What’s not to love? Those noble minded pursuits would be for little though if their end product was […]

guras spice house chicken chili

Guras Spice House Chicken Chili

Guras Spice House is one of the Salt Lake Valley’s hidden gems; first rate Indian and Nepalese cuisine, tucked away in a fairly anonymous strip mall in Herriman. It’s hard to find a clanger on the entire menu, from crisp fresh naan to rich deep curries. My pick of the whole menu is from the […]

the annex by epic fried chicken

The Annex By Epic Fried Chicken

In late 2014 a number of changes started to filter through at this Sugarhouse brew pub. The business gained a club license, meaning the zion curtain fell and all of Epic’s beers can now be enjoyed without food and in various sample sizes. An even better change was the introduction of chef Craig Gerome, who […]

siam noodle bar noodle bowl

Siam Noodle Bar Noodle Bowls

Pop quiz time. Where’s the very last place you’d expect to find custom, built to order noodle bowls with options covering everything from Thai to Vietnamese? I’ll give you a few moments to think. O.k. done? Did hospital make your list? Siam Noodle Bar in Murray operates out of the ground floor of the Intermountain […]

itto sushi tuna tataki

Itto Sushi Tuna Tataki

It’s easy to be tempted to the discount maki at Itto Sushi. With several nights of the week offering keenly priced half priced rolls, its hard to explore the menu in more depth. If you do, it’s worth checking out those items that are simpler and focus on just one or two ingredients and minimal […]